Toddler Caught Shoplifting At Night (Video)

Shocking Video Of A Young Child In Diapers Caught Shoplifting At Night (Video)
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A recent video making rounds on the Internet shows the moment a toddler in diapers was caught going into a shop in the middle of the night to shoplift an item.

In the video taken by some adults who were parked by the store, the kid who was wearing only a diaper and used so much energy to yank the door open. He then goes in, picks an item off the shelf and runs out.

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The men filming were shocked to discover that it was only 2 am. They wondered who the child was with.

But the child was alone, as they watched him running with the item he took from the shop. He crossed the street before a store clerk could come out of the store.

The men who observed the incident asked the store clerk who the child is, but he had no idea.

Watch The Video Here:



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