344-Year-Old Sacred Tortoise Dies In Ogbomosho

The people of Ogbomosho and entire yoruba race at large have been thrown in a state of mourning as the 344-year-old sacred tortoise known as Alagba in the Palace of Soun has passed on.

Ancestral tortoise, Alagba
Ancestral tortoise, Alagba

The sacred tortoise which was the oldest tortoise in Africa fell ill for a few days before her demise on Thursday.

Confirming the news of Alagba’s demise to the Nigerian Tribune, the Private Secretary to Oba Oyewumi, Toyin Ajamu, stated that the tortoise, which attracted people from all over the world, will be greatly missed by everyone who came in contact with her during her lifetime.

Ajamu further said;

Alagba had lived in the palace for centuries. The tortoise played host to many monarchs in Ogbomoso in the past. Alagba became popular because Oba Oladunni Oyewumi, Soun of Ogbomoso used his personal resources to cater for her well being.

“The tortoise had two staff members of the palace, dedicated to her. They provide food, health support and other logistics, so as to make sure she gets the best treatment. Often times, Kabiyesi shared great moments with Alagba. On a daily basis, Alagba, had tourists visiting her from different part of the world. The palace household, Ogbomoso community and stakeholders in the tourism sector are mourning Alagba’s passing. “

Toyin Ajamu revealed that there are plans underways to preserve the body of the sacred tortoise for historical records.


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