How does a celebrity announcing that he just bought a Ferrari put you under undue pressure? – Segalink queries

Popular #endsars campaigner, Segun Awosanya simply known as Segalink has shaken and almost broken a major table that has many Nigerian fans on it.

The human rights activist on Wednesday morning threw a big question to his followers on Twitter, asking why people feel under pressure because a celebrity has just shown off his latest acquisition on social Media.

The lawyer says even though, he might under the craze about celebrity worship by Nigerians but worse is, how the announcement that a celebrity just but a Ferrari “makes you feel under the weaponization of poverty & abject hardship.”

His words:

I may not know much about the bubble that Nigerians worship in celebrities, but someone more intelligent than I should please tell me how the announcement, by your talentless superstar, of buying a Ferrari makes you feel under the weaponization of poverty and abject hardship. ⏰



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