Pandemonium As Man Deceives Mourners Into Eating Cat Meat At A Burial

A drama ensued at a funeral as man was nearly mobbed after deceiving mourners into eating cat meat.

The shocking incident is reported to have happened recently in Zimbabwe.

According to a mourner, Lovemore Moyo 29, one of the mourners came with the skinned carcass of a freshly slaughtered animal and started roasting it on the fire.

Moyo said more that 20 mourners at the funeral ate the cat meat and remarked that it tasted good.

This caused his sidekick to spill the beans and he told everyone that they had just eaten cat meat.

The angry mourners then ganged up on the deceiver and started beating him up until he confessed his deed.

The deceased’s nephew Stephen Mukombe confirmed the story.

Local paper Kwayedza reports that the culprit fled from the funeral after the emotionally charged people threatened to have him arrested.

Source; iHarare


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