“You are an Idiot” – Lady savage reply to an aged man who offered to give her ‘killer s£x’

Pretty lady who goes by the name, Francis Lilian on facebook, shared a conversation she had with an aged man who offered to give her a hot s*x.

Lilian equally used the medium to address and send out a warning to all men who are taking or preparing to take his steps.

Read her post below:-

“I find it strange when a full grown man will look at a full grown woman and all he can see that she needs in this life is Sex, or all he can see that he can offer with his miserable life is Sex. I don’t understand it.
You don’t know me, never met me, don’t even know if I’m human or spirit, and you have the guts to come to my inbox to utter some rubbish to me? The impetus! Imagine. And this is one of so many ?.
The other day a little boy came inbox to boldly tell me he wanted me to be his sugar mummy,? bara Jesus.

I can’t still understand it. How I get these ones as friends sef I don’t know. Maybe all those days I just accept request without going through profiles, this is what I get na.

So to the purpose of this rant, if you know you are in my inbox or list and planning to come and say this rubbish or something related to it, kindly delete and block yourself ozugbo, before you get to that river and be unfortunate. I can have bad mouth ?, and it’s not only insult I will give you. I will curse you. Respect yourselves on this space biko n?.
Thank you.”

See their conversation below;


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