Harvey Weinstein’s ex-wife’s request for $5m child support has been tossed out by judge

Justice Micheal Katz denied Weinstein’s ex-wife’s request for a $5m pre-payment on future child support. This was reported by a source who was privy to the proceedings.

Eve Chilton reportedly appeared in court last month to make the request stating that she needed it before Weinstein’s fortune was swallowed up in legal fees.

The judge ruled that Weinstein must continue to pay child support on time and should he miss any Chilton should return to make a complaint. Another source claimed the judge didn’t rule in Chilton’s favour because Weinstein never missed a payment.

Harvey Weinstein is currently facing charges of sexual harrasment and rape from several women.

Eve Chilton who was once Wenstein’s assistant has three kids with him: Remy, 22; Emma, 19; and Ruth, 14.

The ex-wife’s lawyer, Bonnie Rabin argued that the disgraced celebrity’s finances would remain next to nothing as hes currently defending himself against several suits around the world.

The $5 million sought by Chilton included more than $1.4 million in basic child support payments; $500,000 for health care; $124,000 for statutory add-ons; $500,000 for college and college prep; and various other expenses, plus money still owed to Chilton from the recent sale of a property in Westport, Conn.
Weinstein attorney Steven Silpe told the court Weinstein paid $850,000 to Chilton over the last year alone.

source: Gistreel


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