Twitter user gets jammed after saying Nigerian men based in Nigeria are ugly

A Twitter User identified as @tashaedo shared her opinion on Nigerian men in general, and has tagged the male specie in the Africa-based country as Ugly.

“Nigerian men in Nigeria are actually ugly.”, she wrote on her Twitter account, and she was met with bashing of the greatest order.

“When I ask her where she’s been to in Nigeria, they will say that I’m insulting the players in her local league. I’m not going to ask. I will just agree with her range of experience. Das all”, a twitter user @remiolutimayin responded to her.

“I can’t speak for the others but I’m not ugly”, @teesh_aay authoritatively said on the micro-blogging site.

“DISCOVERY ALERT!!! new breed of wild goat. scientific name; tash aegagrus tash Tropical Level; Herbivorous”, another Twitter user wrote.

@Officialyalex wrote: “Thats too much to say… coming from someone who has a face like yours”

“I know am ugly but Nigeria dudes are handsome Joor except your Dad that looks like incompleted infastructure”, a Markurdi based photographer, @jamesdaniells wrote.



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