Igbo lady recounts her encounter with two Hausa cobblers today

A Nigerian lady and Facebook user, has taken to the platform to recount her encounter with two Hausa Cobblers she approached to fix her slippers.

She wrote;

“Few minutes ago, an Aboki(shoe maker) passed my house and I called him to repair my slipper,he said 50# and I said OK……

After some minutes he said he was done(another shoemaker was with him when I came out ),I gave him the 100# to receive a change of 50#..he said I should dash him the change so he could eat,that him and his brother hasn’t eaten….

I told him that if they were really hungry,I could serve them the spaghetti I had in my kitchen and they said they don’t mind and were happy…

Honestly,I felt so glad that I could put smiles on these siblings faces regardless whether they are hausas nor biafra and not forgetting the fact that they are total strangers..

It’s a one Nigeria thing regardless what is going on now in the country… The peace of this country starts from each and everyone of us…
It starts from me and you!!!!!”



  1. @ sanki bullum…must u always involve religion in everything..haven’t u seen a muslim or an idol worshipper helped someone..the moral of this msg is to be a good citizen irrespective or ur religion or language…so pls stop all dis replica of this or that…anybody can help anybody as long as u av a good hrt


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