Akpororo drags Yung6ix, compare wife to Mary Magdalene

As shared on his Instagram Page .. Read below:

I can’t wait for tonight @Regrann from @pastorpaulmain – Worship is not songs alone, Worship is your Public Display Affection(PDA) to God, worship is what you do even when nobody is watching: God seeks those who will worship him in spirit and in truth; it doesn’t Mean God is looking for those who will sing to him alone because l’m sure angels do that even better, it means God is ‘demanding’ that you created your own atmosphere, whether people are clapping or not, creat your own atmosphere by submitting your ‘will” to HIM even when it’s not convinient cos if it’s convinient then it’s not yet worship; Mary Magdalene broke her Alabastar box of ointment not because it was convenient(that’s a one year salary), but she created her own atmosphere not minding who was there and submitted her ‘will’ and all to the master not by force; Worship is not about perfection, worship is you accepting that Jesus is your perfection;

Worship is standing for the truth even when nobody else wants to, worship is praising God even when it’s not popular, worship is not hypocrisy, worship is about giving to benue flood victims, giving to charity, giving to your Neighbour instead of praying or looking the other way even when nobody else wants to; You can learn songs but you cannot learn worship, worship is not where you are but about who you are. Join your favourite Celebrity tonight as we raise an altar of worship for the entertainment industry and fans @Celebrity Prayse tonight for 10pm as @akpororo leads entertainers and worship tonight into Gods Presence; connect via Instagram @pastorpaulmain and Facebook at shiftcelebrityprayze. #prayforourcelebrities – #regrann


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