Tonto Dikeh Shares Throwback Picture of Her Son King Andre

Nollywood actress  Tonto Dikeh has shared a couple of throwback photos of when her son, King Andre was newly delivered.

She captioned them:

Good morning beautiful people of God(ROR)

There’s More Grace for you

_*But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble (James 4:6).*_

Grace is the supernatural influence at work in U that causes everything U do to prosper; it’s a divine enablement that causes increase, promotion, & progress! However, the degree to which you let the grace of God in you reflect on the outside is up to you. The more you fill your heart with God’s Word & have the Holy Spirit work in your life, the greater the workings of grace in your life.
You can and should increase in that outward reflection of the glory of God in your spirit, to such an extent that others would see it and testify to it. They might not be able to explain it, but they’ll glorify God for His excellence that’s resplendent in you, and in all you do.
Some Christians are asking God for more anointing, but there’s nowhere in the Bible where it’s stated that God will give U more anointing. All U need is more grace. More grace gives U more capacity to accomplish or do more. As U succeed & make progress, God expands ur coast; He increases ur ability. Hallelujah!
Perhaps you’ve been managing a business at a certain scale, & now you want to grow it to be ten times or even a hundred times bigger, you need more grace. Otherwise, you may not be able to sustain the new level of growth and increase, becos you don’t have the capacity to manage the business at that level. Some people think that in such circumstances what they need is more money, no; they need more grace.

‘Hebrews 4:16 says, _*“Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, & FIND GRACE TO HELP IN TIME OF NEED .”*_ Which grace do you want? Is it the grace for healing? Is it the grace for multiplication in your business? Is it the grace for winning souls? Do you require more grace to increase your finances? God says to come boldly to the throne of grace, and obtain the grace you need. Take it. You don’t need to ask; it’s yours to take.

You can take advantage of that grace right now & rebuke cancer from your body.Take advantage of that grace right now and walk out of that.


  1. Yes my beloved sister it’s has been proved that God Almighty is faithful, not as de world thinks God thinks, I join my faith with u in a spiritual realm’s to celebrate de dower for all this things he has done in ur life and ur families, I thanks God for vindicating u before the whole world, indeed God is faithful, more grace in ur life, more grace to our unspeakable gifts from ABOVE, it’s true u call him KING ANDREW, but i call him SAINTS KING ANDREW. is me ONYEKA FROM ULI, IHIALA, ANAMBRA STATE.


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