11 Things Which Prove MMM Is A Ponzi Scheme


In the past month, ‘MMM’ has become quite common among Nigerians despite warnings from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The Ponzi scheme is gaining new members daily and a Nigerian chose to explain how and why the scheme should not be invested in


  1. What are the benefits we have gotten from the government?Nothing!it’s none of anybody’s business,so keep your advice to yourself.MMM is working and I’m a beneficiary

  2. Who has CBN or SECOND helped…

    What risk can be greater than being ruled and or govern by Such demonic Leaders. That derives pleasure in lutting Money meant for the Country’s Development..

    Point to Not this is not Mavrodi Mundial Moneybox…

    Read Before you talk,& also make findings…

    MMM has no central account anywhere, and both Old & New members Do “Donation” we are not “investing” but we are “Donating” Helping our selves..

    So it is never a Ponzi what ever, Miracle Bank or Wonder Bank or what ever anybody calls it..

    If a Bank can Survive then MMM can survive too… Bank produce Nothing yet, they have money why because they have access to our hard earned money… they Borrow Customers Loans with Customers Money, get huge interests from it and still take unreasonable charges from us. E.g they send you an Alert of Bank Interest #1.9kobo.. and at the end of the month they charge you #4.00naira for the SMS… so tell me who is fooling who…

    MMM is changing the world already and we will Survive..

    MMM lives On…

  3. Before nko, I don’t expect u to say something good about MMM. Before going, let me remind u this word; We risks everything in this world, if u can’t take a risk, u can not make it in this world. That is the fact! So, let we participants cont. Taking the risk. Thnk.

  4. Mmm is richer than CBN so tell me hw on earth do u thing that mmm will collapse soon mmm do nt only make som1 rich but equally reduce crime rate, poverty, make u have good value for ur money so SEC or whatever u call urself short up and let mmm keep talking

  5. This your yeye website will soon collaps first .Those praying for the downfall of mmm will die before they see it. You cant fight and win fairness and financial justice.

  6. Good evening all,
    Before you start insulting @financialadvocacy, do me a blessed favour and read about MMM on Wikipedia. Its not a new business, its actually very old. Thank you and stay curious!

  7. Please SEC and CBN should shut up they have a very wrong interpretation of MMM they are scared people are not keeping their money in the bank anymore rather they are helping them selves with it, mmm is just a platform where a community of people help them selves with their heard earned money, no central acc where we pay and nobody is using your money for business and if they are wondering how we get 30% monthly then let them ask how lindaikeji and Gmail is making money glory to mmm

  8. MMM has no physical structure/building which can lead to taxation, they are not registered to any of d fed institutions thus they cant collect tax frm dem. Nw look at it from dis angle, federal govt, cbn are well aware dat people lose a lot of money and even tink of commiting suicide frm gambling, bt they are not concerned bcoz dese gaming companies are registered wit dem and dey get big taxes from it. U see old men playin pool wit deir pension money wey dem manage collect. U hv neva heard dem coming out against dem knowing full well dat dier citizens loose a lot bt rather dey even encourage us to play tru media publicity. Dey don’t care if u sell ur hux or car to play, coz wen u loose all ur money others will continue playin and dey wil keep getin money. I tell us all today, the nigeria government and its institution does not care abt wat happens to us in as much as dey benefit from it. Now they can’t benefit from MMM, e cum dey pain dem badly. Make dem stop o, coz I no wan hear deir ranting again. Long live MMM.

  9. As he has explained clearly from the video, it’s not an investment is a donation platform. He hopes to extend MMM life-cycle above 5 to 10years, Those of you that are investing what you can’t loose, start diversifying with the profits so you don’t commit suicide in the near future. As long as you perceive it as a donation platform it’s fine. Funny enough banks and interswitch are making more money than before, the system encourages account creation and transfers which CBN regulates, we are all losers, the government will always win. Use the platform and make better interest rates than just keeping it in the bank. Wikipedia – MMM Russia – $500B was lost and 50 committed suicide to the ponzi scheme. There is no SUCCESS without FAILURE.

  10. @femi Adesanya you just poof your ignorance by broadcasting what you know nothing or little about, as your profession demands that you should study and understand how a community or organization works before you post any thing about them to the public. May be you are being paid to broadcast this rubish about mmm .please I will like you to go back to the mmm sit and study the ideology as you hought to may be you will come back and post a better things about mmm.

  11. Why would you spend on that gadget you’re using to post this superstitious write-up even when you’re not too sure if it’s going to explode while using it? The office you’re sitting now (if you even gat one) is a risk as well coz I can come in there and put your life to end line…..workers are being fired every second, school expenditures are being increased every day and you wake up from your bed and criticise a source of survival of many so far….I think you need some set-up upstairs

  12. Life does not have an are thematic formula, IT IS EITHER THIS WAY OR THE OTHER WAY. If it favours, good; if it fails, that z part of life. Govt should thank God for bringing in a panacea to our economic declination.

  13. Come oooh, is it paining them already, are they exhibiting insanity already, are they burning from the inside, are they practicing enviness already, they can go ahead but all their exhibitions will result to nothing, but an upwards stepping stone for mmm and it’s participants, long live mmm.

  14. Those that said MMM is not real,ther’s one thing with our living God when men say there’s a casting down the childrens of the most High say,there’s a lifting up for them,things that is impossibles with men to God is possible.MMM is coming back big time that will attract those unlike!!


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