P-Square Feud: Paul Okoye Begs Peter To Come Back To Reunite P-Square


One half of the P-Square duo, Paul Okoye wants to get back with his brother Peter.

The singer also revealed Peter is the one tearing the group apart.

Read what he wrote below: –

“All you all want is psquare,…all I want is family, love and care!!! Social media is the new root of all evil!! There’s family before Psquare and there will always be family after PSquare ….Jude was only a scape goat and a victim .The person who has been keeping us together for all these years,..the truth is peter and Paul have issues!.For the first time I decided to do something outside Psquare ,and that is the case study here.I have always supported my brother 100% from His personal endorsements to dance with Peter which some re still on my I.g… Now I have just 3 questions….Why is it that these things are happening immediately I realized muno’s singles under rudeboy Recordz. no.2 .. How come after jude stopped managing psquare for over a month now, the problem still exist. No.3 why is he in a hurry to go solo and doing solo?it’s very sad, and very heart broken😢 I wish these things never came out to the public at first… Now our fans are divided 😢 pls nobody shld support any teamPaul sh*t, I don’t need that.. Pls resist from it cos thats evil…and for those of you promoters ,supporting him to be performing psquare’s songs alone on stage, you are only killing us and destroying us the more .Dear brother am begging you ,even if you don’t want Jude anymore and you don’t want psquare, u re forever going to be my brother … But I wish the 3 of us could still do these together, bcos its a thing of joy….people love us so much not only because of our good music but seeing brothers doing it together and keeping it together, setting a good example to other families and to our kids.Pls swallow ur pride, forgive and forget, we can still turn these things around…. If I have said anything or done anything that hurts you. Am very sorry…. And to all our true fans pls pray for us. God bless you all.”


  1. I like psquare to be breakup cos i always heard their broda jude Okoye is d problem between two of them, and their wives is d course let them separete, so dat they should not put the blame to anybody. Everybody shuld do their own thg, u see whn plantain boys breakup then still dey their own place make thgs happen. We still thank God 4 dem, dat dey still alive continuesly sing their song we happy them. We d fans go get grudges his other is our business, dem don get their money and dey crude oil dealer nothg concern dem cos they have everythg in d world fans find ur own cup tie ok.

  2. It broke my heart when I read the news about the problems you are having with your brothers. honestly speaking, like you said it should be about family and love because these are the things that keeps us together and the fact that you guys are twins makes it more interesting. when I watch your videos, I wish I had a twin sister too. it’s so amazing. I pray that PSquare will rise up again and never to fall.

  3. Psquare no matter hw a family is dere are bound 2quarrel over some certain issue ,bt d ability 2grow above sch issues matter.blood dey say is thicker Dan water,no matter wat I beg u all 2settle amongst itself.swallow ur pride ,d three of u can still work 2gether,wen u keep pointing fingers at one another u can’t move on .settle among urself nd move on Dearie’s.remember blood is thicker than water.I love u all.12 years ago wen we started dancing imitating Michael Jackson ,dey used 2 call us Paul and peter,we realise say psqure beta,

  4. Peter Peter Peter how many times i have called you? do you know what pride can do ? i blame you for this problem why because you should”t have bring your family mess to the public no matter what you better go and settle with you brothers and love reign in your family peace be with you

  5. As am reading dis an shedding tears Peter pls hear d cry of ur elder brother begging for reunion,family is family no matter wat he is ur twin dome times i jealous u guys & wish am a twin pls swallow pride and let peace reign like i told u,u hav made ur points is just to correct d mistakes wish & pray 4u guys to come back & be strong

  6. Dear Peter, i know you felt oppressed by Paul and Jude in the past but now that Paul has humbled himself and cried out to you, please, forgive them for God’ sake.

  7. ive known u guys for over 22yrs……..we use to be secondary school /university mates…….u guys should please bury d hatchet n hit it high……..best of both worlds…..my hommies my family….i luv u


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