Checkout These Mum & Daughter Who Look So Alike They Are Mistaken For Twins [Photos]

Zara holland, 20, was recently crowned Miss Hull, same crown her mother Cheryl Hackney, 51, wore 30 years ago, but the saying that, age is just a number, has never been truer than in the case of this two.

Despite the age difference, they are regularly mistaken for sisters, and with both women sporting honey-hued hair, measuring in at nearly the same height, and holding the same beauty queen crown, it’s not hard to see why.

‘We get mistaken for sisters when we are out for dinner,’ Zara said.

Zara was recently crowned Miss Hull, and for proud mother Cheryl, her daughter’s victory was extra special – because she herself held the Miss Hull title in 1984, when she was just 19.

The similarity between the pair in their pageant photos is striking. Cheryl, from Hull, East Yorks, says: ‘It was totally incredible when Zara won. I was seeing it from a different angle.

‘When it is your child, you just want them to do well and I was really rooting for her to win.

‘There were so many pretty girls that entered. When they announced Zara had won, I thought I was going to faint.’ So what are their secrets? ‘I go to the gym five times a week,’ said Zara. ‘I think having a healthy lifestyle is so important but I have a massive sweet tooth and love minstrels; everything in moderation!’.

Meanwhile, Cheryl swears by Pilates and long walks. As for her youthful skin, she credits ‘regular facials, a good night’s sleep and plenty of water’

Source: Linda Ikeji Blog


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