Ooni Of Ife: Abobaku Allegedly Runs Away

The death of the Ooni of Ife, Oba Okunade Sijuwade, has brought up many controversies.


First, there were disputes about whether he had really died, then disagreement over the curfew in the state and now the ‘Abobaku’. The Abobaku has reportedly ran away after the death of the prestigious Oba. If the tweet below is to be believed, it means the final rites on behalf of the deceased Ooni of Ife might be stalled.

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According to Yoruba tradition, a king does not die alone. His burial rites include being buried with another people. This is where an Abobaku comes into the picture. An Abobaku lives his life for the king and he is buried alongside the king. In the authentic tradition, just as there is a lineage that become king, there is also always a family dedicated to the ancient belief of dying with the king. An Abobaku also enjoys great benefits while he is still alive. See tweets of Nigerians reacting to the Abobaku story below:

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Governor Rauf Aregbesola of Osun state, spoke up on the death of the Ooni after his reported demise some weeks ago.

Source: Naij


  1. Even in this modern world,ppl still practice such a fettish believe? Abobaku or whatever is ur name keep running for d Lord is ur strength and u shall fly like eagles n never tire. Govt should abolish such a cruel religion in d west of dis country. And still living abobaku take note, be on high alert n learn from ur big Bro

    • Abobaku has eat with the devil definitely he has to die With the devil. Even the Holy book say, give what is to sezer to sezer and what is to Paul to Paul. So why is abobaku on the Runway?,. Come back and die With your king ooni………

  2. There is need to update and upgrade some of our cultural and traditional believes.There is urgent need to put an end to some of the bizzare ancient believes.Let us marry our culture with modernization.


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