Italian Custom Seize $200,00 From Snoop Dogg


Famous American rapper, Snoop Dogg, has had to part away with a large some of money.

Just days after his arrest by Swedish authorities for suspected drug use, the famous weed smoking rapper has lost an estimated $200K to Italian Customs.

According to reports, the Gin and Juice rapper got into trouble with Italian Customs agents after he was stopped for entering the country with more cash than usual.

Snoop was stopped at an Italian airport, where he’s billed to perform, with approximately $422,000 in cash in his Louis Vuitton luggage.

According to Parisi, an Italian lawyer representing him, half of the money was impounded by Italian customs, while other half will be given to him after determining how and what fines to pay.

‘We clarified everything from a legal point of view. The money came from concerts he had performed around Europe. There was no crime; it was just an administrative infraction,’ Parisi disclosed.


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