El-Rufai On Defecting To PDP: ‘I’ll Consider The Option When Satan Repents And Converts To Islam’

mallam-nasir-el-rufai_8956A former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory and chieftain of the All Progressive Congress, APC, Malam Nasir El-Rufai, has ruled out the possibility of defecting to the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

In a tweet Wednesday, Mr. El Rufai, who was apparently reacting to the defection of a former Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Nuhu Ribadu, from APC to PDP at the weekend, however, gave an impossible condition under which he might dump his party for the PDP.

Responding to a question on Twitter asking him when he plans to defect to the ruling party, the former FCT minister replied: “…when Satan repents and converts to Islam, I’ll consider the option & then reject it…”

Recall that Mr. El-Rufai was a chieftain of the PDP during the Olusegun Obasanjo Administration before he left the party for the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), which was one of the parties that later fused into the APC.



  1. Dat time wey you collect appoint and mismanage & abuse ya privileges, you no remember say Satan never repent/convert to Islam…when will your mumulogy end? I’m loosing respect for you. This is Nigeria- Small time you go do u-turn begin play abracadabra with our intelligence. But this time MALLAM, nothing for you.

  2. Mallam, I fink wot shld occupy ur mind now is wot all Nigerians wld do collectively 2 beta our dear country at dis trying period instead of dis unnecessary oppositinal segregation and utterances. However,note dat d current pdp does not even need ur type 2 avoid anoda political contamination. Who cares… Mtcheeeewwwww

  3. Gentle pope, only an immature grown up will say wat uve said. I keep wonderin wats wit myopic minded christians like ur kind. Dis man who brought EBOLA…he’s a xtian. Bt nobdy is blamin his religion rather his act, b a little sensible wit ur comments pls. Juss a little.

  4. This man is truely a confussionist who do not and will never differenciate between God and satan to the extend he don’t know that islam is satans religion but it is unfortunate that 90% of the islamic religious followers do not know that whom they are rendering worship is satan” so for that satan is islam and islam is satan there is no evidence against that, and for ur information mr man pdp do not want ur type at this moment b/c u represent failure and bad name to any party u are in, useless man do u think we will allow ur father the satan to supperhead us again in this country! God forbid, apc is allready a failed party due to ur terrorism affiliation and ur islamic agenda for ur camp shall be deserted JESUS NAME AMEN.

  5. What evidence do Nigerians need again 2 believe dat bokoharam n apc ar one?? Instead of saying satan shld repent n worship God,he said till he convert 2 islam which is dsame course bh ar fighting. U see? What other evidence do we need?? God is gradually using dis thief to expose dem. Murderers who can do anytin 2 force their papa 2 start hitting his forehead on ground saying they ar praying 2 God,look at wat is happenin in iraq n syria 2day,hav u seen any terrorist group dat ar not islam?? Wat wher BH saying Wen they beheaded a nigerian airforce officer? Is it not dsame alla kubar dat evry muslim say wen dey pray 2 ther god??? Wat else do u need 2 know dat islam is satanic?? Use ur head b4 its too late. Think!!!

  6. Danjigawa,sobo da ALLAH!!!!wot r u saying???does he mean saten is a christain???why not tell him 2 watch his mouth,if he is a true muslim,he shld knw better than opening wot he called a mouth 2 uttar such statement,anyways,let’s all wait n see which is d good religion or not…do not judge n ye will not be judge!!!MR know it all#satanfirstborn#!!

  7. If truly islamic is d way to God y are dey killing?, y terrorism?y boko haram? And y APC? We will all knw dat APC dey are muslim, dey are d one dat sponsor dis stupid boko Haram, dey are d cus of dis nation.we all knw dat dey woont to islamist dis nation, But God will not giv u d chance by his grace.islam is satan, satan is dere boss.


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