New Jersey Wedding Devolves Into 300-person Brawl


A New Jersey wedding looked more like a scene out of Gangs of New York when a 300-person brawl broke out over the weekend in Middletown.

Police were called to the Jacques Reception Center on Sunday by two off-duty officers who were working the event after a fistfight broke out.

Arrests were made and the reception was ended about an hour early, leading to guests “screaming, pushing and urinating outside.”

The crowd spilled out into the parking lot and “continued to become more and more aggressive.”

woman was arrested for disorderly conduct and a man was taken in for obstruction and disorderly conduct.

“Screaming and cursing like you wouldn’t imagine would be coming from a wedding,” witness Jace Sigelkow told News 12. “Weddings are supposed to be a nice classy-type gathering, and this wasn’t.”

More arrests could have been made, but police decided it would be more effective to disperse the crowd instead of bringing everyone in.

“Tempers flare and minor disputes become major ones,” said Det. Lt. Stephen Dollinger. “And with that many people drinking and involved, sometimes it gets out of control.”



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