Meet 6-Yr-Old Boy Setting Guinness Record By Skating Under 39 Cars In Less Than 30 Seconds

Meet a six-year-old Indian wonder boy from who is a super-specialist in limbo-skating which may land him a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

Gagan Satish goes to a primary school. He began skating at the age of three, harnessing his extreme flexibility to master and specialise in limbo-skating. Now the super kid is ready to try his hand at setting world record by limbo skating under 39 cars in under 30 seconds.

gagan-satish gagan-satish_10_Limbo skating or roller limbo is a sport in which a person drives on roller skates underneath an obstacle like a horizontal pole without touching it. In order to pass an obstacle with a very low height, advanced athletes spread their legs apart, if possible into a full split, and lean their upper body forward, with the face almost touching the ground.The unusual show attracted crowds of curious people just to take a glimpse of the talented youngster, who gained speed on his roller skates, spread his arms and legs until he was almost completely flat and suddenly passed underneath the cars. He covered the distance in just 29.8 seconds and emerged unscathed from the 20 centimetres of space underneath the SUVs.

gagan-satish_10_ gagan-satish_13_

Now the little Gagan has every right to stake claim for an entry into the Guinness Book of World Records!



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