War On The Pulpit: You Won’t Believe Why These Pastors Are Allegedly Fighting Each Other


Few weeks ago, a popular Lagos-based soft-sell magazine published an interview granted by a man of God, Pastor Anene Nwachukwu of Rhema Deliverance Mission, where he stated that Prophet Chris Okafor of Liberation City in Lagos imitated him, and termed him as ‘his boy’, who he knows very well.

However, Okafor has denied ever knowing Anene and has vowed to give him N5 million if he (Anene) can prove to the world that they met before.

Anene had reportedly said in the interview that, “when I was preaching on MITV, Chris Okafor came there to meet me, Nonye Osy (the show presenter) is a witness, you can interview her about this.”

Reacting to Anene’s claim through his publicist, Okafor said there is no iota of truth in what Anene said. “Dr Chris Okafor had not at anytime met with this pastor,” the publicist, Sunday Adeyemi, said in a statement made available to newsmen.

He added that, “if this pastor has any evidences to prove, he should present it either through camera or photo or otherwise and he will be rewarded handsomely.”

Adeyemi also stated that, “we are not set to fight anybody on this issue, but we want to set the record straight that Okafor is not mentoring this said pastor in the vineyard.”

He disclosed that Christianity is not about fighting or pulling down another man of God.”

Source: Nigeriafilms.com


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