[Advice Needed] I Found Out That He Has A Child A Week To Our Engagement Ceremony, What Should I Do?

Dear Tee,
I am really confused here. Its a week to our engagement ceremony. I found out two days ago that he has a child. He has always told me that the child is his elder sister’s kid. The elder sister actually stays in UK. I don’t know how I accepted the tale from him, cos the child looks very much like him. I was in their house two days ago when a distant relative of his came around. She asked after his son in my presence and that was how I knew. He even denied it again, until I was about to walk out of his life before he confessed to me. It is really disheartening that he lied these years to me, not because he has a child, but because he won’t let me know about it. I am confused here, I can’t forgive him, but I do love him! What is going to happen to our coming engagement?

Dear Habibat,
Congratulation on your coming engagement ceremony. Your fiance should have opened up to you about his child, but not to worry, you should forgive him. His reasons for hiding it from you might be because of what your reactions might be. Since you said you are fine with the child, you should forgive him then and proceed with the engagement, except if you can’t stand the fact that he has a baby. Let go and forgive, it is not easy to do that….I understand. But forgiveness is possible….
Hope this helps. Have a blessed celebration.


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