Fans mob Rihanna at train station when she invited them to come

Rihanna in Paris

World famous pop star, Rihanna sent out an ‘invitation’ to fans as she arrived in Paris, when she tweeted her arrival time and station. Her ardent fans did the most natural thing; they went to welcome their star. Thousands of them turned out and it wasn’t a pretty sight.

She arrived at the Gare du Nord in Paris on the Eurostar late Saturday to find an enthusiastic crowd waiting to greet her.

The station’s security team and her own bodyguards struggled to protect her from the crush as she tried to leave the station.

“It was absolute chaos, and all Rihanna’s fault. What Rihanna did was utterly irresponsible. There was genuine fear among other people at the station.” Said a worker at the train station.


The pop star later tweeted:

“The French are f***in insane!!!” she tweeted a little later.

“FYI, if u push me, you WILL get pushed the ph*ck back!” she added.

“I just had to fight my way out of a damn train station!!!” she exclaimed.



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