Stay Away From Relationships If You Can’t Give Your Girlfriend N200k Allowance

A Twitter user has caused an uproar online after he took to the social media platform to share his thoughts about relationships.

According to the web user, any guy who doesn’t give his girlfriend “daily pocket money and weekly allowances” shouldn’t be having a girlfriend in the first place.

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He tweeted: “If you’re a guy, and you don’t give your girlfriend daily pocket money and weekly allowances… at least 200k weekly, you don’t need a girlfriend .. go and work. You don’t deserve that girl bro. No cap.”

Thoughts anyone?


  1. If giving my gf 200k allowance makes mature enough for relationship, what can she now offer in order to prove she’s worth giving 200k.

  2. You are a bunch of Idiot! I just wish I could see you face – face. How much do I give my own mother then when am not married to the girlfriend yet, or is she carrying out any project like building a house. What is the salary of a director in ministry, people like you ends up in hell while you are still alive. Go fuck yourself woman worshipper!


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