Get Your Shop Remodeled In The FanVanille/SuperYogo Legit Hustler Makeover Contest

Naija people we hail oh. We’ve got exciting news for you from FanVanille and SuperYogo, your favourite on-the-go frozen yoghurt and milk drinks. To celebrate the resilient spirit of Nigerians this Independence season, FanVanille and SuperYogo will be remodelling 3 shops in Lagos to recognize legit hustlers.

Are you a shop owner in the city of Lagos or do you know shop owners in the city of Lagos whose shop needs a facelift? Then this is for you. A newly remodelled shop is sure to help draw new customers. There is just something about beautifying a store that enhances the perception of its layout and changes psychological responses and purchase behaviour which is important for a business.

This is part of their Independence campaign which also features the launch of special limited edition packs for FanVanille and SuperYogo. The limited-edition packs are sleek,
beautiful and depict the true resilient spirit of Nigerians who keep going despite the challenges they encounter.

To enter, simply take a picture of the shop and explain what the business is all about in the caption. Post on your page and tag @fanvanilleng and @SuperYogong on Twitter,
Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #LegitHustlerStories. Make sure it is compelling, creative and convincing. They will be choosing 3 winners at random based on the story shared. This contest will be open for just 10 days and winners will be revealed on the 21st of September.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to help a business and move it to the next level. Follow @fanvanilleng on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more information.
Terms and Conditions apply.


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