Amputee Reveals How She Was Embarrassed In Church

Amputee Reveals How She Was Embarrassed In Church

A Nigerian lady identified as Olivia has taken to social media to narrate her terrible experience in church.

According to Olivia who has just one arm, she was embarrassed by a churchgoer over her deformity.

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“My experience in one church the other day (name of the church withheld) a female church member refused to hold my hand because am an amputee.

“We were asked by the pastor to hold each other’s hands in prayer, so I held the hand of the person sitting next to me, after the first round of prayer we were asked to hold another person’s hand and I gave this fine sister my hand, she was like bring the second hand and I told her I have a problem with my hand, OMO na so the sisi quickly dropped my hand, and I asked her what the problem was?”


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