Thermo-Electric Coolers – Why you should Own One

You’ll agree that there are times when the weather becomes unbearable. It’s as though heaven had let open the gates of hell. The scorching heat dehydrates all the fluid in you and you need a drink. Preferably a cold drink to lubricate your dry throat, there is a satisfying feeling that comes with each sip. Now more than ever you’ll realize that all the brewery adverts know that the best drinks are served chilled.

You’d be forced to ask yourself only if you could carry your fridge in your car?

But that’s impossible, right?

Well, technically you can but you’d risk looking mad and where will you get a power source? Yes, I know we only have one life to live and we don’t always have to care about what people say. But thinking about your actions and how it might affect you is important.

Let’s keep aside the philosophy class for another day and here comes what you want to know.

Thermo-electric coolers – what are they really?

Electric coolers basically are small refrigerators you can carry along in your car. They can be charged from the power source of your car using a 12v cable. It uses a Peltier effect cooling that doesn’t utilize many working parts as conventional refrigerators.  The direct effect is the compact size and long ice life. CoolersJunkie have written more about Electric coolers.

Having said that, here are some reasons why you should buy a thermoelectric cooler.

Long Cooling Performance

This is where electric coolers have a visible edge on a conventional fridge. As earlier highlighted, the built and engineering have made them convenient to store drinks and food, fully knowing that they’d hold ice long after the power source goes off.


The size allows for easy transport. Additionally, as it is compact it can easily be stored in your car without eating up much space. For people on the go, size is a deal breaker and transporting the cooler isn’t as stressful. You can hold this cooler as you walk over distances too.

Lower Maintenance

More money more problems – Less money fewer problems but here’s my rendition – Less moving parts less maintenance, how about that?

Mechanical wear is common in the electric appliance field, but with fewer running parts electric coolers have a longer life cycle.  Getting to save maintenance cost makes up for the high price of the electric cooler and you can have years of use without digging into your purse.


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