Nigerians React To Pastor Adeboye’s Comment

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Coza; Nigerians React To Pastor Adeboye’s Comment

Nigerians have taken to their Twitter handle to react, following a statement credited to Pastor E.A Adeboye which he made yesterday during the church’s Friday service.

While the respected cleric talked about a series of issues, particularly rape, without mentioning a name, Nigerians have pointed out that his address is a direct attack on the embattled senior pastor of COZA, Pastor Abiodun Fatoyinbo, who was accused of rape by Busola Dakolo.

Read what Nigerians are saying:

Pastor Adeboye is right. Nothing is hidden in the sight of God and sooner or later, that secret will come to limelight. It may take a while but the truth will surely prevail against all odds.

— KulturePsych (@jattezy95) July 6, 2019

Pastor Adeboye is a legend. Realism has been saving lives since 1354. Some who supposedly declared themselves too anointed have either divorced, been accused of rape, or badly muddied.

If you don’t get his principled realism, the problem is with your thinking faculty, not his.

— Ayò Bánkólé (@AyoBankole) July 6, 2019

Before our Pseudointellectual nd Faux Cognitive tweeps misinterpret what Pastor Adeboye had to say, here are the major excerpts from Baba’s address/Advice to young ministers.

Baba has Biblically Shattered Demonic Tables and the tables came crashing down like Cooooooza!

— CONQUEROR 🇨🇦🇳🇬🇺🇲 (@vectorvelocy) July 5, 2019

Pastor Adeboye dropping a sub on Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo… With a lot of wisdom 😁🙌

— The Osas Cruz (@OsasWrite) July 6, 2019


  1. some people expected him to jump into conclusion just like the way many so call celebrities in Nigeria did.but as always he is a man filled with wisdom.the truth must come out sooner or later, (if it was rape or affair or if it never even happen) the truth will comes out.


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