How Police Raided, Battered Innocent People Returning From Work – Segalink

Segun Awosanya aka Segalink, popular #EndSars campaigner and human rights activists has decried the continued extortion and endless impunity perpetrated by men of the Nigerian police force.

Segalink, in a few tweets on Thursday morning, narrates how young Nigerians returning from work were raided by policemen around Abaranje, Ikotun area of Lagos state.

He tells how these young Nigerians were made to pay heavy ransoms and when they fail, will be forced to plead guilty to whatever offence slammed on them — a heavy ransom will be given and failure to pay will land them in prison.

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See full statement below

Police officers behaving badly are only bringing a curse upon their own souls and spreading the same misfortune across the institution. Patriotic officers must try and stand against these cancerous nodes. When public trust is lost it affects everyone whether good/bad.

Yesterday night, another primitive cum anti-democratic/commercial order was given for the Raid and battering of people coming back from work in Abaranje, Ikotun area of LAGOS with 13 vehicles. By this morning many of these people will be asked to pay ransom to regain their freedom.

Those who can’t pay the price will be summarily forced to plead guilty to whatever crime they deem fit and slammed with heavier ransom and failure to pay will earn them a jail term in Kirikiri. There are many young Nigerians in Prison simply because police needed money.

Kindly tell me how people will feel any empathy for policemen when anything bad happens to them. The loss of public trust is a death sentence already. Who gives these orders? Is this their only way of maintaining peace and order? Abusing the rights of the people?!

No one has the monopoly of generalization, the same way you see all young boys as fraudsters, people with dreads and tattoos as cultists and all young women as prostitutes in the same way Nigerians now see all police officers as armed robbers and kidnappers.

The greater loss rests with the police as perceived as a pariah institution globally. Your evil is all you’ll be remembered for and no will praise or commend your good deeds. How many are you really, against 200 Million discontented people whose families you have violated?


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