OAP, Tad Official Recounts How He Rescued Accident Victims Abandoned In Ogun State

OAP Tad Official took to his Instagram page to narrate how he rescued victims of a bike accident in Ogun State.

Tad Official revealed in a lengthy post that the two ladies were hit by a bike man and no one on the road was ready to help them.

He wrote:

“It was a very bloody afternoon when I was about going out to hang out with a friend at Domino’s Pizza. Suddenly I got to the bus stop when I noticed to young girls who greeted me and I responded. I was even still saying look at how they look good celebrating Ramadan today. They were about to cross the road when a bike man with full speed hit them. The funniest part was that no one was ready to assist them and rush them to the hospital. I was shocked cos it was like a movie. I had to cross over to the other side of the road and carry both of them. The other girl on blue left leg got broken that she could not move. I had to call a Keke man to bring them to the hospital before contacting their parents to come over. The girl on blue top was just shouting that UNCLE PLZ DONT LET THEM CUT MY LEG. The other girl was unconscious. 

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The girl with the broken leg now to be transferred to Federal Medical Center Idi Aba in Abeokuta.

Thanks to God that they were treated and now ok. 

Am not posting this to get credit from people but to tell people to always be a good Samaritan. Let’s always help people….

Tad Official


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