‘It is an eyesore to see Nigerian OAPs wearing wig’ – Veteran broadcaster Gboyega Adelaja

'It is an eyesore to see Nigerian OAPs wearing wig' - Veteran broadcaster Gboyega Adelaja

Veteran broadcaster Gboyega Adelaja has taken to Facebook to share his thoughts about Nigerian women who rock wigs. According to Mr Adelaja, it is an eyesore.

Sharing his thoughts, the veteran media personality wrote;

I turned on my TV this morning and alas on TVC I saw four Nigerian female Presenters all wearing wig. To me it was an eye sore because they all looked funny and animated. Infact I could almost smell their wigs and they looked terrible to me. I think they pay too much attention to their wig than the programme itself, I changed to another channel immediately how can I start my week with “Wiggers” so nauseating. Black is more beautiful and how I wished the female presenters all had their short Afro hair or platted hair to make a statement about us being black. With their ugly wigs and I felt sorry for our Nigerian women. If I owned the station I will remove all of them to go work in the library where millions of people will not see them and their ugly wigs. The programme should be called “Our Wigs”

This is coming after veteran actor RMD slammed women who undergo plastic surgeries saying such surgeries can not make anyone happy.


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