‘If you are a busy woman or a career one, if your man is cheating allow him’ – Relationship expert advises

A Ghanaian relationship expert has sparked a debate online following a piece of advice she gave married women.

According to the woman, a career woman or a busy one, whose husband is cheating should allow such man to cheat in peace.

In the video shared online, the woman said;

”If you are a busy woman or a career woman, if he is cheating let him cheat. When he finishes, he will come because you are too busy taking care of him. Marriage needs a lot of sacrifice. Women we need to learn this. Men have got ego. You can’t change it, that is the way they are. Women need to submit. No matter what you do, the man is the head, give him that respect”

Her advice has since gotten many talking on social media.

Thoughts anyone?


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