“If not for social media, will you ever be popular through BBnaija?” – Nollywood Actor Slams Tboss

If not for social media, will you ever be popular through BBnaija? - Nollywood Actor Asks Tboss 

Controversial Nollywood actor, Uche Maduagwu, has come out to slam former BBNaija housemate, Tboss, for calling on the Federal Government to ban the use of Social Media in Nigeria.

Uche who spoke in an Instagram post queried how the TV reality star would become famous without the advent of social media.

What he wrote:

Madam, take it easy, if not for social media, will you ever be popular through BBnaija?✈️✈️Omg, someone just sent me a post where @officialtboss_allegedly said “Personally I think SOCIAL media ought to be banned in Nigeria. Just so many mean people on there”. ✏️@officialtboss_ when these same “Nigerians” went out of their ways to VOTE for you in #BBnaija, when they spent their MONEY buying DATA despite the bad economic condition in #Naija just to show you, LOVE,,,📞they were not “mean” people,🤣now that you are POPULAR, its now you allegedly think social media should be banned,😭omg, Aunty, let us always look back from where we are coming from oh,🚚so we don’t BREAK the same ladder we “CLIMB ” to SUCCESS.👑Back then, I remembered vividly, as the only popular actor in Naija that ever got @chrissyteigen attention, ✈️ I was among those who supported you via this same social media, 🌎@officialtboss_ Abeg, wash your thoughts with the blood of Jesus and be forever grateful to social media in Naija.


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