‘I can not stay without sex’ – Nollywood actress reveals

'I can not stay without sex' - Nollywood actress reveals

Nollywood actress Tokunbo Jolaosho has made it known just how much she loves sex saying she cannot stay a year without it.

According to Tokunbo;

“I can go crazy for anything called love. When I am in love, I love with my whole energy. And of course, I have experienced heartbreak but I don’t want to reflect on the past.

“I don’t want to say anything about it, it’s in my past already and this is my present that is leading me to my future. I don’t have any regret so far. God has been good.”

On going nude for a movie and the talk of sex for roles she said;

“Wondering if I can act nude for 10million dollars? Well, I can’t say for now, maybe if I see the money sha. On this sex for role in the industry. I can’t really say anything about it because I am not a victim. Only those who I had been offered sex for a role can tell but me. I’m not sure if its existing sha”

On if she can go a whole year without sex, Tokunbo said: ”Never! One whole year, haha no o.”


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