[Video]: Lol! Thief caught on CCTV stealing a huge generator

[Video]: Lol! Thief caught on CCTV trying to steal huge generator

A thief has been caught on tape as he tried to steal a big generator from a compound.

The yet to be identified man, upon entering the compound checked round to ensure no one was around before making his way to the spot where the generator was placed.

He proceeded to open the cage the generator was kept in, removed it then placed it in a big sack he had come with. All his activities were however caught on tape.

Nigerians have since taken to Twitter to share thoughts on this;

temi.d01: the wey e carried the gen ehn, make him pass behind the owner of the gen. I swear the owner no fit know

temmiey_: Nigga came prepared 😂.!! I don’t like this kind of thief’s,🙄 he has bad taste, didn’t he see the bigger generator.?? He should have taken that and carried it the same way 🌝

jaywealth_91: This is army Robber. All those aboki wey dey sey dustbin fear them ooo

Watch the video below;



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