‘Men should also be feminists’ – Chimamanda Adichie

Award-winning novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is of the opinion that men should be feminist as this will help correct the injustice of gender imbalance.

Adichie made this known while answering questions from global lifestyle magazine, Marie Claire.

On if men should be feminist? Adichie said: Yes absolutely, not only can a man be feminist, men should be feminist. You are a feminist if you have knowledge that women are still not equal to men all over the world, and you are a feminist if you want to do something to make that better.

“You can change women all you want if men don’t change nothing changes because we share the world.

“I think of feminism as a justice movement and I think of it terms of for example anti-racism, I don’t think that only black people should be anti-racism by the way I should say it’s not only black people who suffer racism, Latino people do, Asian people, Native Americans but I’m talking because I’m black and it’s what I know best so in terms of fighting racism, I don’t think its only people who suffer from racism should be against it, it think everyone who cares about justice should be against racism.

“So men should be for feminism because, in the end, Feminism is really about justice and we should all want to live in a just world.

“I want to live a world where I don’t feel a particular group is oppressed just because of their identity so, in that sense, men absolutely should be feminist and men should be feminist because men listen to men so we need feminist men to make men who are not feminist become feminist” she concluded.


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