Man set to divorce wife 24hours later over her fake bumbum

A Ghanaian man has gotten tongues waggign after he spoke to a relationship expert telling him he may be divorcing his barely 24 hours wife duet o her lying about her bum.

In his words;

I used to not even look at her after Church. She was just the ‘hey’ kind of friend. My attention was on a friend of hers who had everything I wanted in a woman. She was the reason I joined their Church. Her friend wasn’t interested in me so when I was about to change focus, my wife suddenly, started developing a lot of Ass. And, she caught my attention somehow. Something is not right!

She’s in her Kente dress and the Ass is showing off so big in her dress. But what I touched and saw last night wasn’t this shape and size I am seeing in her dress. Even my mother can see through me today. She asked if everything was alright with me.

She knows me, and she saw how happy I was the whole of yesterday.  My wife is attractive. I am just not happy about one thing. And I wanted that one thing in the whole package. I don’t know, Dave… I really do not know. It’s a basic need for me if this marriage is going to work out best for us.


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