“He sexually molested me and now wants to meet again” – Writer shares his story

'He sexually molested me and now wants to meet again' - Writer shares his story

Nigerian writer, Tosin Silverdam, has taken to IG to share his sexual molestation story.

According to Silverdam, he was sexually molested by a man when he was a kid and now the man and his wife are on his neck as they would like to meet with him.

In his words;

Over a week ago I got a message on instagram, the content of the message was “hello”, I checked the sender, I found out it was the man that sexually molested me as a kid. I was petrified, I didn’t reply him, then he messaged me again.

I was confused if I should reply him or not, I kept going back to check his message every hour. So I decided to reply him, he replied back immediately. I had to be mature about it, even though I’ve forgiven him. The scary part was when he said he needed to see me, claiming it was urgent.

I told him I’ve relocated to the North, then he said he doesn’t mind coming over to the North all the way from Lagos. I declined, he kept on pressurizing me, I told him I’ve forgiven him but seeing him won’t be necessary.

He became persistent, I had to stop replying him. I’ve forgiven him and I’ve healed but seeing him face to face will definitely bring back horrible memories, it will be awkward and I don’t want that. He started calling my phone, I wonder how he got my number (my phone number was on my Instagram page), i got depressed, I had to block his number cos I wasn’t interested in seeing him.

After several days, I received a call from a lady, she claimed to be his wife. Yes, he’s married. The wife was pleading on phone to see me, that they need to see me and it’s urgent. I asked her why, she said it’s for good and no cause for alarm. I don’t know how I feel about this, I don’t think I’m ready for such.

She’s been calling me, I had to block her number as well. I’m not ready for it and then again my conscience is pricking me. I’m extremely confused on what to do


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