Are sure you are really depressed or not just Broke??? – Omokri

Are sure you are really depressed or not just Broke??? - Omokri

In the last couple of weeks, news of young people in Nigeria, falling into depression and taking their own lives, have been really predominant.

Either because they were jilted by a trusted lover, or unable to meet their own financial needs, or personal goal – Some young people have taken the easy way out and ended their own lives.

However, bestselling author and political analyst, Reno Omokri said one must make sure they are really depressed before they dare confirm themselves as depressed.

In a tweet on Saturday, he urged people not to be quick to declare themselves depressed and pop depression pills without making sure that the reason for their depression isn’t because they are out of money.

I met someone who thought he was depressed. I sent him money. He received the bank alert and got INSTANT HEALING. My point isn’t to trivialise depression. But before taking anti-depression drugs, make sure you are really depressed and not just broke, he said.



  1. the frustration in the country is too much, one will graduate no job, even the one u will manage see the salary is just #15,000, can someone playbills with that?
    to start a business, no capital wen dey want to do election dey will give out stipend all in the name of empowerment . person like me now I need #300,000 to start my ICT business but no help am just managing hoping on God.


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