The story of ‘groom to-be’ who was frustrated by the Nigerian Customs For the Possession of A Samsung Device

#EndSars convener, Segun Awosanya popularly known as Segalink has narrated how a Nigerian man is full of regrets for returning to Nigeria, after his encounter with Customs officers at the international airport in Lagos.

According to Segalink, the man has not been in Nigeria for many years and had returned to marry his fiancée.

The problem, however, started with the customs officers because of the Samsung phone he bought for his wife to be when he got to the airport — The Customs officers descended on him, asking for a N200,000 duty fee for the phone, and have delayed him, since then.

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So this citizen after spending years abroad finally came home to marry. He managed to buy a Samsung phone as a gift for his would-be wife but as soon as he landed at Lagos international airport, the Customs officers pounced on him & demanded to be paid N200K duty for the phone

The young man is regretting ever returning to Nigeria as we speak. He was bound to leave for ENUGU but has been delayed for hours since he landed because they want to rob him under the guise that travellers have money to spare. One Phone is the excuse this time.

Please for your information, even if he was bringing in 10 units of such phones that are already opened to show that they are gifts and not for sale there shouldn’t be any customs duty on these items. I have asked that he demands to know the supervisor and also see the tariff.

The supervising custom officer stormed out leaving an instruction that the younger officer MUST obtain N200k or at least N150k from the guy they have now successfully frustrated. I’ve told them to make a video of this armed robbery upon entry. We are demonically wicked in Nigeria!


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