Shehu Sani: Never ever pet or pamper those in power, for the end of doing so, is always tragic

Very outspoken federal lawmaker, Shehu Sani has said that the governing and political class are more interested in political powers than in the lives of ordinary people.

The lawmaker representing Kaduna Central says therefore, the people must resist the temptation to pet those in power. He notes that those in authority shouldn’t be pampered when they should be “consciously questioned and charged”, as the consequences for doing so, is ” always tragic “.

Political power is more important to the Governing elites and the Political class than the lives of the common people. The consequences of petting and pampering power when it should be consciously questioned and charged is always tragic, he wrote.

Shehu Sani will not be returning to the senate in the 9th assembly, having lost his reelection to represent his people during the just concluded national assembly elections.



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