Nigerians Knock Buhari For Saying He Doesn’t Care If People Call Him ”Baba Go Slow”

Buhari says he maybe baba go-slow but didn't loot

Following President Muhammadu Buhari’s comment that he does not care if peoples call him ”baba go slow” as long as there is no evidence that he stole from the country’s coffer, Nigerians have reacted.

Nigerians while reacting have slammed him for making such comment when he is supposed to have hit the ground running.



  1. It’s clear that as long as Buhari remains the so-called President of Nigeria, Nigeria will continue in its down ward slide to the era of the AHMMADU BELLOS of this country!…era of promotion of northern religious and political interests that excluded national policies for progress, equity and development. Buhari is too old and out of touch with current new world order governance strategies that transform banana republics to new modern nation-states. May they not succeed with their buharrigged presidential election!


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