Man hacks his girlfriend to death for breaking up with him

Murder: Man hacks his girlfriend to death for breaking up with him

The police command in the Luweero District, Uganda, has recovered a body of a 22-year-old woman who has been identified as Ashina Namutebi.

According to re[orts, the young woman was allegedly hacked to death by her jilted lover Henry Ssebuwufu who himself has committed suicide.

Ssebuwufu, 25, reportedly jumped in front of a speeding trailer at Kalule Village on Kampala- Gulu Highway, dying instantly.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the couple lived together for sometimes but always had issues.

Paul Kangave, Savannah Regional Police Spokesperson, while speaking on the case said the bodies had been handed over to the relatives for burial.

Mr Kangave explained that;

“The body of Namutebi was recovered after police broke into the rented room at Kizito Zone on Thursday evening after a tip-off from relatives and friends who had not seen her yet there was loud music coming from the locked room.”

When officers got into the room, there were cuts on her body.

“The body had deep cuts on the neck, head and the back,” Mr Kangave added.

 Ssebuwufu was arrested on April 17, by police on charges of causing bodily harm after he tried to strangle Namutebi following a misunderstanding.  She however at Kasana Police Station after Ssebuwufu put pen to paer promising never to assault her again.

“The police decided to release Ssebuwufu because the case of assault had been withdrawn by his girlfriend who pleaded with police to pardon him,” Mr Kangave added.

A police source also said;

“He reportedly told his mother that he had also decided to take his own life.

Ms Alice Nassali, a neighbour to Ssebuwufu said;

“We tried to advise Namutebi to quit the abusive relationship since it was characterised by fights but she didn’t take heed. Ssebuwufu kept accusing her of being unfaithful although they were not legally married,” Ms Nassali narrates, adding: “It is sad that the two are now dead yet their problem could have been sorted if they had sought advice from elders and the authorities in our area.


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