“Learn the difference between ‘this’ and ‘these’ before making false allegations” – Omokri and Shoneyin fight over Kadaria Ahmed

A former presidential aide, Reno Omokri had called out a Nigerian Twitter user, who threatened popular journalist, Kadaria Ahmed for “converting from Islam to Christianity”.

Omokri had asked that Twitter against the man, because such men have made it ” dangerous ” to be a Christian in Nigeria.

He wrote:

Dear Twitter,

Take action against @cardinalabdul for threatening a beloved Nigerian, @KadariaAhmed for converting to Christianity. Men like him have made Nigeria the most dangerous place in the world to be a Christian. Please retweet #KeepKadariaSafe until Twitter takes action.

However, popular writer, Lola Shoneyin wrote instead that Omokri should be held responsible, if anything happens to Kadaria because he has used the issue to ‘push a political agenda’.

She wrote via Twitter;

If anything happens to @KadariaAhmed, it makes sense to hold @renoomokri responsible. Please don’t use this issues to push a political agenda and cause further chaos. YOU are helping to spread lies.


Well in his response to Shoneyin’s accusations, the former presidential aide said he has been falsely accused — He also mocked her for ‘poor grammar’, saying she should learn English properly before attacking him.

Dear @lolashoneyin,

It may very well be that English comprehension is your problem. I never said @KadariaAhmed converted to Christianity. I said that she was THREATENED with death FOR converting to Christianity in a tweet I attached. Thank you. God bless

Dear @lolashoneyin,

You falsely accuse me, and then go on to murder the English language. You claim to be a writer who has British heritage, yet write ‘use this issues’. Learn the difference between ‘this’ and ‘these’ before making false allegations.

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