I will work on my six packs when i am done having kids – Ubi Franklin fuels rumour

Nigerian Music Executive, Ubi Franklin has confirmed the news that he got his ex-worker pregnant in a subltle way.

Ubi took to his instagram to share a photo with a suggestive caption bragging about his reproductive achievements saying his goal is so have all his kids before 40.

When I am done having kids before 40 and then work on my six packs go on Holiday with my kids and we run on the beach that’s the whole idea.
At 50 I’ll have a 20 year old
21 year old and a 17 year old.
Maybe two more (five and I am done)
This is the Biggest Blessings you can ever ask for so.
I will only enjoy this alone and then you would have forgotten you wrote a dirty Caption to get comments ️
And A Billionaire too and impacted in my Country.

Ubi Franklin


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