How British tourist was killed in Kaduna



How British tourist was killed in Kaduna

Suspected bandits have reportedly cut short the life of a British citizen, Faye Mooney, who was shot dead at Kajuru Castle in Kaduna state on Friday.

On Friday morning, some bandits attacked the holiday resort but couldn’t gain access into the place because of the two mobile policemen guarding it.

The bandits were said to have hid in a rock, then started firing bullets into the holiday resort.

A source revealed that the deceased died in the process — Mooney was said to have been a humanitarian worker with Mercy Corps Nigeria, and the other deceased was her colleague with whom she visited the castle.

“Mooney and her colleague who were accommodated in rooms in one of the towers left their rooms when they heard the gunshots. They were hit by bullets as they were running down the staircase,” the source said.

“The bandits climbed up the rock by the gate. When they started shooting, the two mobile police guarding the place responded, so they knew there were armed policemen inside and they couldn’t come in.

“The deceased were panicking so they rushed out of their rooms and headed downstairs. The stairs are not covered, so as they were running down, the bandits sighted them and fired towards their direction. Their corpses were deposited at the St. Gerald Catholic Hospital, Kakuri, Kaduna.”

The source added that five people were initially abducted – four staff of the castle and a bus driver who brought some guests.

“These people were somewhere outside the gate taking shayi (tea). But two of the staff managed to escape and the bandits went with three people – two staff of the castle and the bus driver,” he said.

The bandits have demanded the sum of N60 million before they’ll release their hostages — and they made the demand through a telephone call.



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