Breaking: Another Police Brutality

 Another Police Brutality

A Policeman has been accused of stabbing and murdered of an innocent Nigeria named Nyebuchi in Atali/Elimgbu area of Rivers state over a yet to be ascertained issue.

It was reported that the youths of the area went to the police station to protest but police shot sporadically shot at unarmed civilians.

The story was shared by a Twitter user who is seeking justice.

See his tweet below:


  1. I wonder why the Igbos and the SS people in Nigeria are being treated like second class citizens of this country. Their live doesn’t seem to matter and the injustices being meted on them are just like a normal day occurrence. Two weeks ago, the country was brought to a standstill over the killing of Kolade Johnson. The Lagos state commissioner of Police had to personally visit the family to commiserate with the family and assure them that justice will be done to the killers. But on daily basis Police are killing innocent and harmless Igbos and SS people in this country without any eyebrow being raised by the Police hierarchy. Early this year, a video circulated over a police officer shooting a passenger of Agofure motors coming from Lagos near Port Harcourt. The offence of the passenger was that the said police man requested for tinted permit from the Agofure bus driver, and the driver told him that none of the agofure buses are issued with tinted permit. The passenger followed other passengers to beg the police man to allow them to continue their journey. The video circulated on the social media and there was no public outcry or condemnation of such act.. This other case happened last week at Elimgbu. And report had it that also another person was killed by the police in the protest that followed. Nigerians are watching to see what the police hierarchy are going to do. Will there be a visit to commiserate with the family of the victims and a pledge to bring the perpetrators to justice. Or is justice meant only for the West and the North. We have still not forgotten the case of the Apo 6.


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