A third class grade doesn’t reflect your intelligence but your sufferings – Omokri

Just like Al Bashir, those who killed 347 unarmed Nigerian Shiites should also prepare to answer for War Crimes - Omokri throw jabs

Bestselling author, Reno Omokri says graduating with a third class from the university has no way of reflecting one’s intelligence.

The author said this in a tweet  on Saturday — He noted that graduating with a third class, rather than reflect one’s intelligence only magnifies one’s suffering.

He says if the person had better conditions, the grades would  have been better — urging that a third class grade, should stop anyone from excelling.

He wrote; I assure those who made a 3rd class or a Pass in a Nigerian university that your grade DOES NOT reflect your intelligence. Rather, in most cases, it is a reflection of your suffering. If you had better conditions, you’d have had better grades. Don’t let it stop you from excelling.


  1. Hmm but we are in a country who don’t care about to employed a thir
    d class graduate.. that is why most students do all they can to offer their lecturers and examiners to gave them 2.1 or 2.2 class of degree through sex or cash gifts donation..


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