What do you think is wrong with these pre-wedding photos?

A Nigerian couple has gotten tongues wagging with new photos from their pre-wedding shoot.

The photos which saw them donning green and white outfits showed the groom-to-be with a whip punishing his woman.

The photos have gotten many talking about how the couple feel depicting domestic violence is a great way to start their journey together.

More photos below;


  1. nothing as domestic violence here please,this pure indication of secondary school days lovers who must have succeeded in marrying themselves. God bless ur home.

  2. I don’t see anything wrong with the pictures, the couple is making it clear that they met in school, and maybe the groom to be was a senior to the wife to be. Maybe it was a love life that started from being a school mate and senior and junior hatred that turns to love episode. I love this guys.

  3. The man should have ended it with a picture where he is kneeling down to present an engagement ring.
    That way, it shows that kneeling is not going to be for the lady alone,
    but a union where the two have equal opportunities.

  4. i know this couple very well, don’t post what you don’t with a different meaning to it, they both attended all saints college in Gombe, he was her senior in school, all they are doing is showing old days life in school and its kul, that’s the road that actually leads to the school, your pictures are not even complete because they took some in the classroom, actually the green and white they wore is the school uniform till date

  5. The man here is senior prefect while the lady is among the latecomers thats pictures are the prove when he’s dealing with her, chikena.

  6. Nothing wrong. Just want a fun pre-wedding pictures of which am in love with it. It makes me remember my secondary school time. Thanks man for bringing me a memory….

  7. Quite hilarious! I kinda Love it. Marriage is actually all about endurance of which any of the parties can be at the receiving end.


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