Reno Omokri fires back at critics: “Hypocrisy is deadlier than corruption”

Reno Omokri has fired back critics who called him thief om social media. He said;

You can’t ask@AsiwajuTinubu

how he made the money we saw going into his house in bullion vans.

@officialEFCC can’t probe him. But it is me, enjoying my small book money, that you want to investigate. Look at the mirror and say: Hypocrisy is deadlier than corruption #RenosNuggets
Reno is of the most famouss
critics of the Buhari led administration and an adherent supporter of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.
He has continued to receive numerous backlash on the back of the defeat of Alhaji Atiku.


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