‘Let the events of last week not be a repeat’ Kate Henshaw blows hot

Popular Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw is quite worried about the rate of electoral violence in the Nigeria.

According to the actress, it has reached the stage where human lives are no longer worth anything and people constantly losing their lives to assert good leadership in the country.

The veteran Nollywood actress in a  few tweets on Friday, shared her concern about the ‘do or die’ nature of elections in Nigeria – while warning that “the events of last week” shouldn’t be repeated in the remaining elections, as everyone has the right to vote, whoever they want.

She wrote: No one has monopoly of violence..

You push people to the wall and one day they will push back..
Can we have elections devoid of violence pls??
Everyone from every tribe has the right to vote for the candidate of their choice..
Let there be peace in the land.

When did elections become a do or die affair??
When did lives mean nothing in this country??
Countless have died just to assert themselves in getting good leadership..
Let the events of last week not be a repeat.
Let the leaders know they are servants not rulers


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