Don’t compromise your career, its your sanity – Omotola Jalade

Veteran Nollywood actress, Omotola Jalade has given some useful tips to fans on how to balance love life and career.

She said this, among other things while fielding questions from her fans on how she’s been able to have a successful marriage and career.

Going by your personal experiences, what is your advice to young people on balancing love life and career?

A lot lies on your “choice” of spouse. Are they understanding, mature minded and supportive?

Your spouse needs to be your career partner, knowing it’s both of you against the world. If not,it’s a rocky ride ahead… however,don’t compromise your career,its your sanity.

What would be your biggest advice to a young person just becoming independent from his parents?

Wow. Never gotten this sort of question before. I’ll say, Don’t become a stranger. You’re becoming independent not escaping incarceration. Be realistic. Have a budget and still keep in touch with the big P. They love you.


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